As a Digital Nomad in Melbourne, Australia, finding a good coffeeplace to work, which serves GREAT coffee, has good people and produces a chilled out atmosphere?

It's harder to come by than you’d think !

UNTIL I discovered the 1000 £ Bend !

(written by one of our members Jane Moscardini)

"You can't miss the brightly, painted exterior"

1000 £ Bend Melbourne, Australia

I’d read about the 1000 £ Bend coffee shop online.

As in a previous life, it was one of Melbourne's much-loved music venues for over five years!

Now it encompasses a gallery, café and event space.

After walking around the city, you can’t miss the brightly, painted exterior.

With 90s tunes seeping out the door, and hanging in the air, like the faint smell of roasted beans.

Blur, Pulp and the bands of my youth embraced me and drew me inside

When I entered the stone building the first thing that hit me was how cool and refreshing it felt.

It was a hot, muggy, Melbourne day.

Walking around carrying your whole office in a backpack in 28-degree heat isn’t a lovely site!

Tired, weary and in need of a caffeine fix.

The Barista with the EPIC moustache


The 1000 £ Bend didn’t disappoint with a warm welcome from a barista with an epic moustache.

He took my order and told me to pick a spot I liked.

They have 50s style leather booths in the café area that overlook the event space adjoining it.

This cafe is a favourite with other DN’s as I noticed several people typing away on their laptops.

The mix of clientele was varied and I liked how homely and comfortable everything felt.

As I slipped into the deep, pillowy seats I needed nothing more.

Cool, calm and with my wifi set up. I was ready to go!

I could feel my body de-stressing as the cool air-con brushed my skin.

Then a friendly waitress brought my coffee over along with some water.

Great Coffee from Will & Co: 100% Arabica blend from Guatemala and Brazil

1000-bend-coffee Melbourne Australia

1000 £ Bend ‘s coffee comes from Will & Co and is 100% Arabica bean blend from both Guatemala and Brazil.

I had opted for a flat white.

It arrived adorned with a waved tulip latte art design upon it.

As for the coffee itself, it was medium rich, with a creamy, sweet almost caramel taste.

I always try to taste test the same coffee and my go-to is the flat white

A velvety smooth, seamless mix, of coffee, to steamed milk, is hard to achieve.

An incorrect flat white can disguise the real coffee flavour.

Luckily these guys didn’t disappoint, and I LOVED the coffee.

The real heart of The ‘1000 £ Bend’ in Melbourne, Australia? Music!

The real heart of this place is its musical history and the fact that the building itself is an icon.

To this bustling, cultural Melbourne metropolis.

When I’m looking for a new location to work, socialise and just chill. I need noise, not thumping tunes, but a hum

Although you can find this in co-working spaces, they can be expensive.

As for working in a library, well it's great if you need total silence. Not so good if you're trying to connect with other creatives and establish friendships.

While the concept of the coffee shop was to be a meeting house.

A place to come together with friends and discuss the most pressing topics of the day!

Cafe's encourage shared seating and allow you to strike up conversations, with ease.

It’s this collaborative, welcoming atmosphere that has sparked many of my friendships abroad.

Details and credits:

Writer: Jane Moscardini

Photo credit: Jane Moscardini

Coffee shop name: 1000 £ Bend

Address: 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Vic, 3000.

Opening hours: Mon-Wed: 11am - 11pm, Thu - Fri: 11am - 1am, Sat: 9am - 1am and Sun: 9am - 9pm

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