‘Café de Flore’ is one of Paris’s oldest coffee houses.

The coffee house first opened its doors in 1880 and is known for its famous clientèle (guests).

One of which was the famous painter Pablo Picasso.

‘Café de Flore’ is located at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue Saint-Benoît, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris and is still very popular by locals and tourists.


Belgian street artist “BLANCBEC”

The coffee house ‘Café de Flore’ is subject of an illustration of Blancbec, Belgium’s most famous street artist:

It was shown at his most recent expo in Paris (octobre 2016):


Illustration of ‘Café Flore’ in Paris by Belgiums most famous street artist BLANCBEC

About the illustration, Blancbec himself said this:

“J’adore le café. Pour l’expo en cour à Paris j’ai illustré des quartiers iconiques de Paris. Quartier Saint-Germain et aussi le ‘Café de Flore’ en font parties.”


“I love coffee. For my current expo in Paris I’ve illustrated iconique quarters in Paris, Saint-Germain and ‘Café de Flore’ make part of it.”


‘Brussels’ by Blancbec. The artist’s work often appears in the streets of European cities like Paris, Brussels or Antwerp.

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